Pregnancy Treatments

Pregnancy Treatments

Chinese Medicine for Pregnancy

In addition to our regular service offering, we provide a number of different Pregnancy-related Treatments

Pregnancy and Postpartum Acupuncture

Acupuncture during pregnancy is a safe, drug-free way to maximize the good development of your pregnancy by supplementing, regulating and harmonizing the processes that are taking place in the body. This treatment allows you to come into the right relationship within your body, thinking mind and feeling heart. The processes then unfold smoothly and unimpeded, helping to foster the conditions that are necessary for labour to eventually start and progress naturally. Post-natally, acupuncture supports your recovery in the same way.

Turning Breech

Moxibustion is a safe and effective technique for turning posterior, malpositioned and breech babies. If at week 34 it is determined that your baby is malpositioned or breech, an initial moxibustion treatment followed by 10 days of home treatment can help to turn and keep baby in optimal position. Moxibustion involves pumping heat into an acupuncture point on the outside of the small toe using a lit stick of mugwort. The heat generated by burning it increases fetal activity and encourages the baby to turn and stay in the optimal position for birthing.

Acupuncture for Labour Preparation

Acupuncture in the last month of pregnancy physiologically supports ripening of the cervix, and the relaxing and softening of the pelvic ligaments and tendons so that the baby gate will open easily, allowing baby greater ease of passage. It regulates and strengthens the abundance and flow of Qi so that you have stamina to labour, and ensures that internal conditions are optimal for baby to stay in good position to spin and descend. It also helps to keep your mind clear and your emotions calm.

Acupressure for Labour

Acupressure is the application of pressure to acupuncture points using fingers. It is a safe, effective and accessible technique, making it ideal for support people to do during labour to help relieve pain, promote contractions and assist the baby to descend. I also use it when I treat children and with clients who are initially averse to needles, or cannot take needles due to spasticity (as with Cerebral Palsy).

Labour & Induction Support

If you’re to be induced, or if labour stalls, induction support acupuncture (followed by acupressure given by your partner or support person at home), can help to promote dilation and contractions, and encourage labour to progress more efficiently.

Preparing for Labour?

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