Our Services

Our Services

Seeds of Health Treatments

We offer a wide variety of treatments from Acupuncture to Moxibustion to Chinese Herbal Medicine.


Acupuncture can be a primary form of treatment as well as a complement to conventional medicine and midwifery, and non-medical treatments such as massage, chiropractics, naturopathy, rolfing, osteopathy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and counselling. Acupuncture is a safe and effective drug-free way to treat many conditions.


Cupping increases blood flow within vessels and capillaries so that tissues better receive nutrients and oxygen. When tissues receive good blood flow and are nourished, healing can take place and pain will diminish or resolve.


Moxibustion is the action of pumping heat into one or more acupuncture points. The treatment activates and strengthens circulation, absorption and healing in the local area.

House calls

I make house calls when clients are bedridden, or in hospital and elder care facilities. This makes treatment possible for people who otherwise might have trouble coming to the clinic.

Our Services

  • Initial consultation and treatment (1.5 hours) $125
  • Acupuncture (1 hour) $90 regular / $70 student
    Body/ear , Moxibustion , Cupping
  • Pregnancy & Post-Partum Recovery Acupuncture (1 hour) $90
    Turning Breech (1 hour) , Labour Preparation (1 hour) , Acupressure for Labour (1 hour) , Labour & Induction Support (1 hour)
  • Pediatric Acupuncture/Cupping (up to 12 years) $45
  • House calls $40

Pregnancy Treatments

In addition to our regular service offering, we provide a number of different Pregnancy-related Treatments

Some of our pregnancy treatments include: Moxibustion for turning breech, acupuncture for labor preparation, and induction support acupuncture.

Preparing for Labour?

Read the article I wrote for Birth Issues covering the benefits of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in preparing for labour.
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When I first met Lone, I felt like I had already known her for a long time, like she was a long lost friend. She was warm, open, and grounded (and still is!), which made me feel extremely comfortable opening up to her about my ailments and receiving her treatments. Lone has been a major support for me throughout all three of my pregnancies and postpartum - I believe it is true that acupuncture babies are calm babies! All that good "qi"("chi") flowing through the body! I always leave our appointments feeling more grounded and balanced, both physically and emotionally. I would recommend Lone in a heartbeat! — AML (pregnancy & post-partum support)

Lone is holistic and extremely knowledgeable. She understands the complexity of the body and our connection to food, external factors and internal factors. I trust her to deal with all of my health concerns and have recommended her to lots of of my friends and family. — JR (holistic treatment)

Our daughter began treatment with Lone to help her with being able to walk and remove pain in multiple joints. At age two, our daughter was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis, which went into remission at age 6. However, at the age of 12, the pain issues in her knees, feet and back caused her severe mobility issues and the cause was unknown at the time through western medicine. Within three weeks, by utilizing suggested diet alterations plus cupping and acupuncture treatments from Lone, our daughter’s pain was reduced to an almost non-existent pattern and she began walking on her own. In our daughter’s own thoughts, she believes the treatments by Lone are what made her better rather than any medicines prescribed. In ending, we are extremely grateful to Lone for the patience, understanding and grace of treatment she provided to our young daughter; words cannot express our overall thankfulness. — K&D (pediatric treatment)

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