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Pregnancy Testimonials

Second trimester heartburn/nausea/back pain relief

My massage therapist recommended that I see Lone for Acupuncture during my second trimester of pregnancy. It was unbelievable at how it relieved heartburn, nausea, back pain and helped me relax after a stressful day of work. It also brought me peace of mind knowing that it helped prepare my body for childbirth. Lone was incredibly knowledgeable and skilled, and I always felt safe and well cared for during her treatments.    CS, Edmonton

Turning baby and relieving pain during labour

When my husband and I were 37 weeks pregnant, we were still researching how to turn our baby to avoid back labour. We were also researching pain management so that we could take control of our labour, avoiding epidural and c-section when the time came. I was studying yoga positions for labour, and we were learning hypnotherapy techniques. Lone offered us a workshop to teach us pressure points to use, as well. I was in labour for 45 hours, and without a doubt, the acupressure helped tremendously with the pain and to keep me focused. We had to rely almost exclusively on acupressure to get us though. In the end, we did turn the baby during labour using acupressure. The acupressure got us through labour without pain medication. We are both so grateful to have learned such a useful skill!    K & VD, St Albert

Emotional support

Lone, you were simply incredible and I appreciate all the help that you gave my family pre and post natal. I highly recommend you to any mother looking for an addition to their birth team. Your down to earth nature combined with professional knowledge of acupuncture treatment helped me tremendously. You made me feel very comfortable in sharing my expectations for motherhood and worked to focus on my intentions. Thank you again for all your help and I will be coming back to see you for the next baby.    LR, Edmonton

First trimester symptoms

have been a patient of Lone’s since the fall of 2008. I turned to acupuncture as an option to help me with first trimester symptoms in both of my pregnancies; with the first was uncomfortable bloating, indigestion and constipation, and the second was severe nausea and heartburn. I really appreciated how we spent just as much time talking about me, my feelings and my health as we did on the actual treatments. Her specific treatment plans during the first few months of both pregnancies helped me immensely, and allowed me to find peace and appreciation during such a special time. I am due with my second in January 2012 and plan to start my visits again in December to prepare for the birthing process. I know both me and my little one will feel supported by Lone’s involvement.     MF, Edmonton

Relaxed and happy baby

The little man has grown a lot and is a very relaxed, healthy and happy baby. When people mention how friendly and relaxed he is, I always tell them that he is a “accupunctured” baby, as I am sure that all your wonderful treatment during pregnancy helped to give us such a relaxed and happy little man. Even though only once a month, these accupuncture sessions are one of my fondest memories of pregnancy, and I always remember how with each appointment, the days got colder and I grew bigger but I always felt so good after your treatment.     SC, Quebec

Pre-birth preparation

During the preparation for labour I felt that acupuncture helped support the natural transition my body was going through. I could feel the shifts taking place in the last 3 weeks leading up to my baby’s birth. My labour progressed very smoothly and naturally.    KC, Edmonton

Difficulty walking at 6 months

I was almost 6 months pregnant and nearly immobile. I was walking like I was in a suit of armor thanks to some unexpected back tension– plenty stiff, plenty painful– and it was seemed like I’d have to take my maternity leave much earlier than I’d planned. I had never tried acupuncture before, but had heard amazing things about Lone and her practice. Folks weren’t kidding. After my first session with Lone I was walking like the Tin-man after his first oiling. Not to mention, I was refreshed and energized. What kept me going back to Lone was how she helped me prepare for the delivery of my baby and helped maintain my health and energy during the rest of my pregnancy. I wanted to have as natural a birth as possible, and when the day came, I felt like I was mentally, physically and emotionally ready for the big moment.    AA, Edmonton

Resolving miscarriage before invasive procedures

The miscarriage of my first child was going on its fourth month or so at the time I went to see Lone, and the allopathic system was threatening invasive procedures to finalize it. This miscarriage resolved within 24 hours of my first session with Lone. I conceived again within a few months of beginning work with Lone. That was the end of our work as I went on immediate bed rest for high risk pregnancy, had a healthy baby girl. I credit Lone’s intervention with enabling my successful pregnancy and the resolution of my unsuccessful one, and I can’t thank her enough. She is a devoted practitioner and a helpful member of any extended care team.     MG, Edmonton