Nourish, Balance and Regain Health

Acupuncture Testimonials


I went to see Lone with a list of non-specific complaints, such as feeling out of balance, overwhelmed, and exhausted, not feeling myself. Lone takes a thorough history and offers a wonderful atmosphere – safe, full of loving-kindness, and dedicated to helping – not to mention a great deal of knowledge and skill. I went to her for acupuncture a number of times. My experience of her and her practice has been positive and uplifting, and I highly recommend a visit.     DK, Edmonton

I highly recommend Lone. I had never had acupuncture before and Lone took the time to answer my questions and always was very respectful to ensure that I understood what was going to happen. I found it not only helpful physically but I also found it very interesting! Lone is obviously passionate about what she does and her desire to help creates a very welcoming and healing atmosphere. I can recommend her to new patients without hesitation.     KS, Edmonton


I came to Lone because I hadn’t slept through the night in 7 years- since some pretty major life traumas. Lone listened so carefully to me and within a few months not only helped me sleep better, but helped me realize I was in charge and could make decisions to change and improve my life. Her listening ear and sincere desire to make a difference did just that. When she realized how deep the issue went and addressed it not only on a medical but personal level, I started sleeping so much better and now sleep through most nights for the first time in 7 years.    KK, Calgary

Return of health

When I arrived on your doorstep a little over a year ago, I was at my wits end with a variety of health issues, which included headaches, joint pain, hot flashes and weight gain to name but a few. Thru patient kind investigation and expertly delivered acupuncture treatments I saw the return of my health, wellbeing and my peace of mind. I look forward to our continued relationship and will recommend your services to those who I discover are in needs as I was. Thanks again for all you help and kindness.    TT, Edmonton


Lone’s practice was recommended to me after I received a frustrating diagnosis of IBS. Her treatments have been invaluable in helping me to work towards balance in my lifestyle and health. I appreciate her holistic approach in which she works with clients in developing strategies that go beyond treating isolated symptoms and conditions, seeking instead to achieve balance and overall physical and emotional wellness. Since beginning treatments, there has been a marked decrease in the flare-up of symptoms and I have been better able to identify triggers that make me feel unwell. I have a lot of stress in my job, and the acupuncture has helped me to deal with the stress in a positive way. Immediately after an acupuncture treatment, I feel very relaxed and I always look forward to the increase of energy that follows in the days following the treatment. Lone practices with gentle concern, interested passion and continued commitment towards helping her clients achieve their wellness goals, a rare gift in the medical field. MV, Edmonton

PMS and perimenopause

I sought out acupuncture as I had heard it was beneficial to relieve PMS and menopausal symptoms. I chose Lone because of her background in Chinese medicine. I have been receiving treatments for about a year and a half now, and have noticed huge improvements. I no longer experience such drastic symptoms before and during my period. The bloating, cramping, and mood swings have definitely decreased and some months I have no symptoms at all before my period arrives. I believe that by continuing with regular treatments and being proactive, when menopause does arrive, it will be a gentler experience. Lone is always patient and interested to hear what is happening in your life, and she uses this information to determine the type of treatment, so that you are healed on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. I always leave my appointment feeling better than when I arrived! Lone has been my savior during some very difficult periods of my life.    TS, Edmonton

Anxiety and period regulation

I first came to Lone with concerns about anxiety and overall malaise. Just before going to see Lone I found myself having severe chest pains when inhaling. The pain was so bad I had to sleep sitting up. My anxiety issues improved within our first few sessions and have since improved considerably. I have not had any chest or breathing pain at all in the last 6 months. An additional issue that, after working with Lone, I am aware contributed in large part to my malaise, was my lack of menstruation due to having an IUD. I am now fully aware of the importance of having a consistent and productive menstrual cycle after realizing and being reminded of how much better I feel when no sort of device or pill is interfering with my cycle. With Lone’s help, I did return to a normal cycle with some flow even with an IUD. Ultimately however, I decided that the negative effects I experienced with the IUD outweighed its benefits and I had it removed. All of the work I have done with Lone has been acupuncture. When we first started I saw her every week, then every two weeks. As I began to feel better I started to see her about every 4 or 5 weeks but have discovered that I am best supported by a treatment about every three weeks. After being under Lone’s regular care for the last year and half, I find that I am in a place of peace, calm and profound clarity. As I told her recently, I feel as though I am a piece of clay that has just been centred on the potter’s wheel, ready to be pulled into a lovely vessel. I should also note, that I recommended Lone to two other women, both of whom had extraordinarily positive experiences with her, too. Thank you for helping me find my centre, Lone!    CP, Edmonton


After 12 years of chronic back and neck pain, I thought that it was something I would have to live with for the rest of my days. After my first treatment with Lone I noticed a change. And now, a little over a year later, I can honestly say that I am living pain-free. I didn’t think that was possible. I now recommend Chinese medicine to anyone and everyone that will listen. Incredible!    JW, Leduc

Return of well-being

Back pain can occur for so many different reasons. Muscle imbalances… stress and emotions… sitting for too long… poor posture… sleeping wrong. Even the foods you eat every day can cause or aggravate back pain. People function better on a daily basis both physically and emotionally, if they are less fearful, less depressed, and in better general health.

When I went to Seeds of Health Acupuncture on my first consultation, I was asked what complaints I had. After the intake form and consultation was complete, Lone listed back all of my complaints, and then listed off the areas of concern that she felt would address the symptoms that showed up in her assessment. That wasn’t what I wanted to hear. After the realization that my self-prescribed treatment plan wasn’t working for me, I thought OK why not try something new.

The treatment plan was Acupuncture, some diet changes and later Herbs to support the Acupuncture treatments. The results have been a totally better functioning body on a daily basis, both physically and emotionally, with less fearfulness in the face of pain each day, less feeling of oncoming depression, and waking in the morning wondering what that strange feeling is, and my body doesn’t hurt after a night’s sleep. With each new day I feel fantastic. Believe it or not I now look forward to my daily exercise program.

I found Lone’s approach to her Professional Practice to be Caring, Understanding and Very Knowledgeable to the task at hand, which, to my skeptical surprise, turned out to be my wellbeing. To be totally honest, I came away with a heightened respect for alterative health care, and especially Lone, the dedicated person delivering it.

Thanks Lone for your assistance in helping me to realize that I had a responsibility in my body’s regeneration. You had no intention of doing all the work without me doing my part, to assist me in returning my life and well being to me!    BM, Edmonton

Stomach Problems

I came to Lone through a friend who had highly recommended her as she had solved his long term back problems. For me, I had not listened to my friend’s advice mainly due to the extra bit of cost to see a specialist of this nature.

But eventually my health issue became so debilitating to me and my family that I had to do something as my medical doctors were not helping in any way. My main issue was severe stomach problems that left me very ill for at least two days every week. I have had this problem for three years – again without any help from my medical doctors to fix the problem.

To date it has been three months since I first began seeing Lone for acupuncture. Currently I feel the best I have ever felt in the last 20 years since I was a child. My health stomach issues have not appeared once since two weeks into my treatment. Not only did she treat me with acupuncture but she changed my food intake and I am happy to say I now am not overweight and have lost 35 pounds. Furthermore, all my other smaller medical issues that I had no intent of even worrying about have even altered for the better or simply disappeared altogether….    DS, Edmonton